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  • Helm 3


When adding a domain I get this in the error logs. There may also be a bandwidth error.

2003-10-15 13:29:43 modNTFS::SetFolderSecurity SetACL failed for User Account: bl87.com2_web ("C:\Helm\\System\setACL.exe" -on "\\\c$\domains\" -ot file -actn ace -ace "n:\bl87.com2_web;p:change;m:set;w:dacl" -silent)
2003-10-15 13:29:43 Website.IWeb_AddWebsite NTFS Lookup failed.
2003-10-15 13:29:43 CWebsite.AddWebsiteEx NTFS Lookup failed.
2003-10-15 13:29:43 CDomain.AddDomainEx

1.) Have you recently changed your server's communication IP in Helm?
Make sure it is correct, and that this IP is communicating correctly.
2.) Make sure your server's name matches the server name in Helm. To find out your server's name, right click My Computer, choose Properties, then choose the Computer Name tab. Do NOT enter DNS suffixes into the server name in Helm. If the server name is "", just enter "myserver" into Helm.

Also make sure that IP filtering is turned off by doing the following:

a.) Go to Control Panel -> Network connections and choose Properties of your NIC.
b.) In the list, double click the TCP/IP item.
c.) In the new window, click Advanced.
d.) Go to the Options tab
e.) Highlight TCP/IP filtering and choose properties
f.) Make sure the Enable TCP/IP filtering box is unchecked
3.) Check the path you are trying to create domains in.
In Helm, go to the Web Service and check the Physical Root Path. Does it exist? E.g. if you have set it to "D:\\Domains" and you have no D: drive, then you will get the NTFS Lookup error.

If the above doesn't work, run a server diagnostic on the problem server. If may come back with a File Sharing error. In this case you need to check two things:
1.) That File and Print Sharing is enabled on your LAN connection.
2.) That there is a default share on the C:\ drive (or the drive you store your domains folder on). You can check this by right-clicking this drive and choosing properties then choosing the Sharing tab.
If the option "Do not share this folder" is selected, you need to change this to "Share this folder" then in the Share name type the drive letter with a $ after it. So if it was on the C: drive, you would type C$
Click OK, then run the diagnostic again. This time it should pass, and you should be able to add domains again.

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