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If you are not getting any bandwidth usage data in Helm and the statistics are showing zero there are a few things to check.

1) Check that the Helm Bandwidth Usage scheduled task is running (standard windows scheduled task). If the status shows "Could not start" then open up the properties of the scheduled task and make sure that the "Run As" information contains the appropriate administration username and the correct password.

2) If the task is running ok then go to IIS and load up the master properties (right click on the machine name and click Properties then click on "Edit...") Go to the log format properties and make sure that all of the log information is selected. IIS does not include the byte information by default. (you don't have to have the processor information on). NOTE: If you have only just changed the log format properties on then these will not be picked up by Helm until the log files have refreshed the following day

3) If both the scheduled task is ok and the log information is all available then check "C:\\Program Files\\WebHost Automation\\Helm\\System" on each of the web servers to see if there are any .run files. Remove any .run files that are there. Also delete any XML files that have the following name:
hbxxxxxxxxxxx.xml (where xxxxxx is a huge number)

NOTE: If the bandwidth analysers have not be run for a while then it may take a while to go through all of the historic log files
4.) If none of the above works, go to IIS. Choose a site that isn't picking up data, right-click it and choose Properties. On the Web Site tab make sure that logging is enabled for that site. If it is, choose Properties at the bottom and check the log file directory text box. It should be pointing to the correct log file path for the specific domain (e.g. DRIVE:\\Domains\\domainname\\logs). If it isn't, then someone or something not related to Helm has probably reset it. You will need to change this path on every affected site.
5.) If none of this works, make sure the site is actually up and running - if there are no visitors, then no logs are created and no bandwidth will be gathered. Go to a domain folder that has no logs in, then open a web browser and go to that domain. Does a log file appear in the domain's logs folder?

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