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  • Helm 3


How do I configure Serv-U FTP for use with Helm?
Serv-U can be installed on any of the Helm remote servers as well as the control server. Helm uses the registry to communicate with Serv-U and so the remote registry service must be running on the Helm servers.

1. After installing Serv-U right click on Domains and click New Domain and you will be presented for the domain IP address.

2. Leave the IP address as blank unless you wish the FTP services only to be available on a single IP address. This won't affect Helm. Click next.

3. Add anything for the domain name. In this case Helm FTP Accounts has been used. Click Next.

4. The standard port number for FTP is port 21. Generally this would be left as the default setting. Click Next

5. You will now have a choice between storing the details in an INI file or the registry. Select the registry option. This will allow Helm to control the FTP accounts for this FTP domain. Click Finish to complete the setup of the account.

It is important that the Helm FTP domain is the first in the list or the only domain that uses the registry.
For more information, refer to this guide:

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