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  • Helm 3


What are the Helm scheduled tasks, and how/when do they need to be altered?
Helm installs a set of scheduled tasks that will undertake certain manual day to day tasks. This includes collecting bandwidth and disk usage information.

When updating the system identity account (e.g. to change the password of the HELM_ADMIN account), these tasks will also need updating with the same password. This is to ensure they are running under the NT account that will have the permissions necessary to run and access Helm.

To view the Scheduled Tasks go to:

[Start] > [Programs] > [Accessories] > [System Tools] > {Scheduled Tasks}

You will find 5 Helm tasks in the scheduled task folder. Each of these tasks will need to have the "Run As" NT user account details updated to be the same as the one set in the Helm Configuration Tool (under the System Identity tab).
To update the "Run As" account details, double click on one of the tasks and fill in the NT user account name into the "Run as:" text box. Click the "Set password" button to update the password.

Ensure that ALL of the tasks are updated with the new login information else this task will fail to run. DO NOT remove or disable the Helm license updater. Doing so will stop your license from operating and therefore stop users from accessing Helm. If you do not update the Run As information for this task, this will also stop your license from operating.

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