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Article ID: 3487, created on Dec 12, 2007, last review on May 6, 2014

  • Applies to:
  • Pro Control Panel Linux 10.3.0


When importing from Ensim 4.x/10.x on non FC6/RHEL5ES/CentOS 5 to
10.2.0/10.3.0 on any FC6/RHEL 5ES/CentOS 5 you face with the following error:

The Import has failed.

Details of Import are as follows :-
Import initiated by     :  appliance
User Initiating Import  :  admin
Server Name             :  **********
Server IP               :  ************
Status                  :  Failed

The following errors were encountered as a result of which the Import process
has been aborted.
 Unknown Error: Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 54, in call_backend_import
  File "virtualhosting/", line 4572, in vhimport
  File "virtualhosting/", line 4727, in __do_import
  File "virtualhosting/", line 5027, in __site_import
  File "virtualhosting/", line 3297, in handle_remaining_files
  File "virtualhosting/", line 3377, in link
OSError: [Errno 17] File exists


The reason of the issue is that file system/package structure has been changed in FC6/RHEL5ES/CentOS 5 and PPCP versions. This happens as site were backed up with some directories/files that were not created in older versions, but are in new ones on user creation time.

The usual thing is X11 folder, so it is recommended to rename '/home/virtual/FILESYSTEMTEMPLATE/siteinfo/usr/lib/X11' (for example to '/home/virtual/FILESYSTEMTEMPLATE/siteinfo/usr/lib/ZZZ') and then perform the import.

If this was not enough and you are still getting the same error - rename /home/virtual/FILESYSTEMTEMPLATE/siteinfo/usr/tmp folder.

You can find any additional folders by doing 'strace' on the process, the error you will get will be similar to:

unlink("/home/virtual/site56/fst/usr/tmp") = -1 EISDIR (Is a directory)
link("/home/virtual/FILESYSTEMTEMPLATE/.tmp/tmpdir_28719_GfkyNW/usr/tmp", "/home/virtual/site56/fst/usr/tmp") = -1 EEXIST (File exists)

This mean that /usr/tmp has been created on creating user by PPCP, but /usr/tmp exists in imported archive.

After the import, you have to rename the directories/files back.

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