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  • H-Sphere


To change the default TTL you should do the following:

  1. On all your DNS server edit the /hsphere/shared/scripts/dns-zone-update script Find the following section:

    case $OPT_NAME in
        --action) ACTION=$OPT_VALUE
        --zone) ZONE=$OPT_VALUE
        --type) TYPE=$OPT_VALUE
        --name) NAME=$OPT_VALUE
        --ttl) TTL=$OPT_VALUE
        --pref) PREF=$OPT_VALUE
        --data) OPT_VALUE=`echo "$1" | awk -F"--data=" '{print $2}' | sed "s#'##g"`
        *) usage

    and change the TTL=$OPT_VALUE variable to the static constant. For example:

  2. Log in your CP server and run DNSCreator tool to re-create DNS zones :
    2.1 Log in as root in your CP server first:

    # su -   

    2.2 Log in as the cpanel user:

    # su -l cpanel   

    2.3 Run DNS Creator:

    # java -m db -dz     

NOTE: Please ignore the TTL values in DNScreator log, it will show default values.

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