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Your browser's URL prompt shows something like:
In order to open SiteStudio in a window without this prompt, insert the following code into the source html page:
function open_builder() {"http://<your_ip_or_domain_name>/studio/servlet/psoft.masonry.Builder?",

                                     "_blank", "width=860,height=480,resizable=1,scrollbars=1");

<a href="javascript:open_builder();"> Open SiteStudio in a new window! </a>

To see the result, click on the 'Open SiteStudio in a new window!' link. A new window will popup, and the URL will be hidden.

This line opens SiteStudio without user's interaction:

<script language='JavaScript'>open_builder();</script>

This line requres a click:

<a href="javascript:open_builder();"> Open Builder </a>

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