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Article ID: 3178, created on Nov 30, 2007, last review on May 9, 2014

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a) Webalizer stopped updating. You can locate the problem by doing the following: 1. Using WebShell or any other FTP manager, check the Last Modified date. 2. If you see that the file hasn't been modified during the problem period, check that all files in the directory /hsphere/shared/apache/conf have entries for the problem domain. 3. If the entries are missing, the customer needs to turn Webalizer off and back on. b) Webalizer doesn't work for certain users. One possible reason can be that you are approaching your disk quota. Webalizer needs at least 2 MB unused disk space to function properly. c) Webalizer statistics doesn't update for certain users. This might be due to a frequent Windows server reboot. Webalizer processing log files for this user is interrupted and when it is lauched next time, it starts processing the same log files for that same period.

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