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Anonymous FTP users can't enter your root directory. They can enter only the directory you dedicated for anonymous ftp users.

This feature allows you to give public FTP access to a dedicated directory in your account. A special directory is created in your root, and its content can be viewed and downloaded, but not uploaded.

Anonymous FTP becomes available only after you create a Virtual FTP server. To configure Anonymous FTP, do the following:

  1. Select FTP in FTP/User Account menu.
  2. If you have several domains, choose the one to enable virtual FTP for. On the page that appears, switch to dedicated IP.
    (Read more about Shared and Dedicated IPs.)
  3. Skip this step if you have already enabled Virtual FTP.
    Select FTP in FTP/User Account menu. Enable FTP for this domain:

    and agree with the charges.
  4. On your control panel home page, select FTP in FTP/User Account menu. Enable Anonymous FTP for this domain:

  5. Agree with the charges if any.

Anonymous FTP Upload Facilities

If you want to allow anonymous FTP users to upload files, enable Anonymous FTP Upload Facilities by doing the following:

  1. Enable Anonymous FTP (read above).
  2. At the bottom of the FTP vhost page you will find a new option to enable anonymous FTP upload facilities:

    Turn it on. This will create a dedicated directory inside the Anonymous FTP directory.
    * The Uploads (Windows based plans) / Incoming (Unix based plans) directory have only 'upload' permissions, so it will allow neither downloading nor viewing its content.

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