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1) Move the MS SQL server content to the new host; 2) Back up your H-Sphere database; 3) Execute the following SQL query on your CP DB to change the host id for MS SQL resource: begin; to begin the transaction. Then run: update mssqlres set mssql_host_id = NEW_HOST_ID where id in (select child_id from parent_child, mssqlres where child_id = id and account_id = ACCOUNT_ID) and mssql_host_id = OLD_HOST_ID; where NEW_HOST_ID is the target logical server ID, OLD_HOST_ID is the source logical server ID, ACCOUNT_ID is the account ID. The logical server IDs can be found under the E.Manager menu. 4) Run the following query to check if the update went correctly: select * from parent_child, mssqlres where child_id = id and account_id = ; If everything is ok, run commit; to apply changes. To cancel the transaction, run rollback;

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