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Article ID: 3140, created on Nov 30, 2007, last review on May 11, 2014

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When the customer tries to upload an image which size is over 512 KB, it disappears.


There is a limit of 0.5 MB for files that users are allowed to upload to SiteStudio by default. This limit is set because a part of SiteStudio (called ImageMaker?) that deals with images, i.e. generates thumbnails of images--uses more than 128MB of memory to produce the thumb for a JPG file with size more than 0.5MB. You can increase that limit by setting (in bytes) the MAX_IMAGE_SIZE variable in the file (after that the "cut picture size in half if >500K" switch makes sense). E.g., to set limit to 1MB you need to add in the MAX_IMAGE_SIZE = 1048576 Also it's would be better if you allocate more memory for imagemaker process on your system. To do that, you need to modify file: in the 5th line change -mx128m to -mx256m or even -mx512m if you wish to allocate 256 or 512MB correspondingly of RAM for imagemaker. After changing that you need to restart SiteStudio: ./ start ./ stop

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