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To change the H-Sphere in the title bar to your company name or whatever else please do the following steps: 1) Under root account, become the cpanel superuser: # su - cpanel To implement customization correctly, all template files and directories should have cpanel:cpanel ownership, and the make directive (see no. 7 below) should be run ONLY under the cpanel user. 2) Copy the template from ~cpanel/shiva/shiva-templates/common/design/ directory to the custom template location (e.g.: ~cpanel/shiva/custom/templates/common/design/). 3) In the <title> tag, replace "H-Sphere" with the name you need. You can also replace it with the company name variable used in the system: ${} 4) If necessary, repeat steps 1 and 2 for other design locations (e.g. nomenu and textbased). 5) Open file ~cpanel/shiva/psoft_config/ and check the USER_TEMPLATE_PATH variable. It must be uncommented and contain the correct location for your custom templates. 6) Change directory to shiva-templates/ and run ./configure 7) Run make If the changes haven't taken effect, restart H-Sphere. More about the Template Customization at:

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