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HDD Partitioning

Parallels H-Sphere is installed to the /hsphere directory.

We recommend dedicating a separate partition for the Parallels H-Sphere installation directory and mount it as /hsphere.

# mkdir -p /hsphere
# chmod 755 /hsphere

Parallels H-Sphere directory can be located on any other partition as well. However, we do not recommend installing Parallels H-Sphere to the root / partition. Having Parallels H-Sphere on the root partition may cause certain problems. For instance, if disk quota gets damaged, you cannot repair it without server reboot and fsck check in the single user mode.

If your Parallels H-Sphere installation directory is to be located on another partition, for example, /usr/hsphere on the /usr partition, the /hsphere symlink to this directory must be anyway created:

# mkdir -p /usr/hsphere
# ln -s /usr/hsphere /hsphere
# chmod 755 /usr/hsphere

Important: Do not create /hsphere as a symlink to another partition on servers with FreeBSD 5.3 and up! Allocate the separate /hsphere partition instead! If this is impossible, use nullfs partitioning for this purpose.

There are no more requirements to partitioning the servers, just make sure there is enough disk space to store user and other Parallels H-Sphere data.

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