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Article ID: 3104, created on Nov 30, 2007, last review on May 27, 2014

Supported Operating Systems

Before requesting H-Sphere installation, make sure

to install one of the following operating systems:

Operating System Supported OS Version
RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.x (i386, x86-64)
6.x (i386, x86-64)
CentOS 5.x (i386, x86-64)
6.x (i386, x86-64)
CloudLinux 5.6 (i386, x86-64)
6.3 (i386, x86-64)
FreeBSD 8.4 (i386, x86-64)
8.3 (i386, x86-64)
7.4 (i386, x86-64)

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