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An order fails to provision a Parallels Operations Automation (POA) subscription, resource, or domain and stalls with a status of Provisioning Failed.


PBA-E works with POA using the OpenAPI interface when it needs to provision POA-related elements like subscriptions or resource upgrades. If an OpenAPI call fails during the provisioning process, the order usually updates its status to "PF" (Provisioning Failed), according to the current order flow settings.


POA OpenAPI call may fail due to POA misconfigurations, network problems, or capacity issues; the most basic way to diagnose and fix an order is as follows:

  1. Find the order in PBA-E Control Panel at Top > Operation Director > Sales Manager > Customer Orders.
  2. Click on the order number.
  3. Click on the Provisioning Items tab.
  4. Find the provisioning item with the Failed status and click on the Subscription ID.
  5. Click on the Service Status History tab.
  6. Find the error message (it will normally be at the bottom of the list). In most cases, an easy-to-understand message is shown, advising you to increase resource limits, remove the existing domain, or perform some other reasonable workaround.
  7. Perform the workaround and resubmit the order for provisioning.

Additional Information

A "PF" order status can be also caused by a failed domain registration or transfer. In such cases, the same steps as those described above should be performed to get a diagnostic error message.

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