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Product : Ensim Pro X for Linux
Version : 10.2.0
Topic : Virtuozzo 3.0 support

Prerequisites for installing Ensim Pro for Linux on a Virtuozzo 3.0 server

Prerequisites for installing Ensim Pro for Linux on a Virtuozzo 3.0 server



Following are the instructions to set the prerequisites for installing Ensim Pro for Linux on a Virtuozzo 3.0 server:

Enabling User/Group Quota on a Virtual Private Server (VPS)

To enable user/group quota on a virtual private server:

Edit the configuration file to set the parameter QUOTAUGIDLIMIT that controls the second-level disk quota.

The two instances when you can set the parameter is:

  • If you are setting the parameter before the creation of the virtual private server:
  1. Go to the location of the virtual private server configuration file. /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts
  2. To enable disk quota set the value of QUOTAUGIDLIMIT to a positive value, in the configuration file. For example: QUOTAUGIDLIMIT="150"
    The default value of the parameter is zero. Setting the value of the parameter to zero disables user/group quotas.
    Note: Ensure that you use this configuration file when creating the virtual private server.
  • If the virtual private server already exists, run the following command to set the parameter:

vzctl set 101 --quotaugidlimit 150 --save
Where, 101 is the VPS ID number.

Restart the virtual private server.

Creating the virtual private server with 1 GB or more memory

Before you install Ensim Pro for Linux, you need to ensure that the virtual private server has a memory of 1 GB or more.

To create the virtual private server with 1 GB memory, run the following command:

vzctl create 101 --pkgset fedora-core-4 --config vps.1024MB

In the above mentioned command, Virtuozzo creates a virtual private server with ID 10,
The private area is based on the fedora-core-4 operating system template, and
The configuration parameters are taken from the ve-vps.1024MB.conf- configuration file, which is located at /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts
Ensure that you use a configuration file, in which the parameters are set to 1 GB or more memory.

Deleting the dummy package

You must delete the dummy package which is provided by Virtuozzo .
For example: The "Virtuozzo" Fedora Core 4 template provides the rpm "glibc-dummy-fedora-core-4-2.3.5-10.3.swsoft" package.

To delete the dummy package, run the following command:

rpm -e "glibc-dummy-fedora-core-4-2.3.5-10.3.swsoft"

Installing rpm-python library package

You must install the "rpm-python" library package by running the following command, specific to your operating system:

For example:

rpm -Uvh rpm-python-4.3.3-18_nonptl.i386.rpm



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