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Knowledge ID 2422
Product : Ensim Pro X for Linux
Version : 10.1.0
Topic : Hotfix

Hotfix 8 : Issue with resourceop utility

Addresses the issue "Issue with resourceop utility"



Product : Ensim Pro X for Linux
Version : 10.1.0 (Fedora Core 2, Fedora Core 4, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4ES, CentOS 4.3 and CentOS 4.4)
Date :  11-January-2007
Description : Issue with resourceop utility.

Download :

For fc2:
md5sum: 40c45b1c51e04d7ebe27c79bd276b9b0
md5sum: 0fae146acabd4e84f6c539b7d2fdd606
md5sum: 74a06b3d894fb7dd831b921fdffa9b10
md5sum: 0ff502d625d6147697103fc477a93d63

For fc4:
md5sum: 8f75c6dd2e5d6b3bb0dba65f43dc330b
md5sum: e2c017e2a3e78f3c9d51a73328eecc01
md5sum: f419becea70231e4d1e8e229fef73327
md5sum: 3f842ed788574f07331d677a63492d71

For RHEL4, CentOS 4.1, CentOS 4.2, CentOS 4.3 and CentOS 4.4:
md5sum: d5c6f2adda05ae8e54d352417ee4f964
md5sum: 53d57f31f6fcd07f1df732b0e455f843
md5sum: 6c9d3a5135a7d198dc44257c56f804e8
md5sum: dca5a693e7664e21c1f409b0776125c0

Installation Procedure:

  1. Get the RPMs from the locations mentioned above
  2. Upgrade the RPM
    For Fedora Core 2:
    rpm -Uvh eplapi-10.1.0-fc.2.23.i386.rpm
    rpm -Uvh epl-cli-pack-10.1.0-fc.2.23.i386.rpm
    rpm -Uvh epl-framework-10.1.0-fc.2.23.i386.rpm
    rpm -Uvh epl-frontend-common-10.1.0-fc.2.23.i386.rpm

    For Fedora Core 4:
    rpm -Uvh eplapi-10.1.0-fc.4.23.i386.rpm
    rpm -Uvh epl-cli-pack-10.1.0-fc.4.23.i386.rpm
    rpm -Uvh epl-framework-10.1.0-fc.4.23.i386.rpm
    rpm -Uvh epl-frontend-common-10.1.0-fc.4.23.i386.rpm

    For Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4,
    CentOS 4.1, CentOS 4.2 and CentOS 4.3:
    rpm -Uvh eplapi-10.1.0-rhel.4ES.23.i386.rpm
    rpm -Uvh epl-cli-pack-10.1.0-rhel.4ES.23.i386.rpm
    rpm -Uvh epl-framework-10.1.0-rhel.4ES.23.i386.rpm
    rpm -Uvh epl-frontend-common-10.1.0-rhel.4ES.23.i386.rpm
  3. service epld restart

How to use
Please refer the following link inorder to understand the how to use the CLI's for customization.


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