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Knowledge ID 2161
Product : Ensim Pro for Linux
Version : 4.1.0
Topic : Hotfix

Hotfix 1 : Email addresses not working for '-' and 'IDN'

Addresses the issue "Email addresses not working for '-' and 'IDN' "



Product: Ensim Pro for Linux
Version: 4.1.0 (Fedora Core 1,Fedora Core 2,Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3ES, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4ES,CentOS 4.1 and CentOS 4.2)
Date:  09-December-2005
Hotfix Description:  Addresses the issue:
Email addresses not working for ‘-‘ and ‘IDN’
Overview : All control panel operations where the email address contains a “-“ in it, fails. This might affect IDN domain names as well.

Note : This hotfix is applicable for Ensim Pro for Linux 4.1.0 only.

Download :

For fc1:
(md5sum: 04987e6369c119d4804d2381cf17db4c)

For fc2:
(md5sum: 8fa88f5ee1418c0278e5318093caafd4)

For RHEL3:
(md5sum: 88a26c1a09a0e2d1abe35317f8a0f43a)

For RHEL4, CentOS 4.1, CentOS 4.2:
(md5sum: d2776e10512fd1ec520725ebcdf48228)

Installation Procedure:

  1. Back up the file at /usr/lib/python2.2/site-packages/vh3/virtutil.pyc to some other location.
  2. Replace the file at /usr/lib/python2.2/site-packages/vh3/virtutil.pyc with the above-mentioned file for appropriate version.
  3. Restart webppliance
    #service webppliance restart





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