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Product : Ensim Power Tools
Version : Gallery
Topic : Notification

Galley Power Tool 2.0.1

Galley Power Tool 2.0.1 for fresh installation or upgrade from Gallery 1.5



Ensim announces the release of the latest version of Gallery Power Tool. Gallery 2.0.1 is an open source web based photo album organizer. 

Download: ensim-gallery-2.0.1-1.0-7.i386.rpm
md5sum: ef603a3ce25f04d2bfe940071564e5a2

Install/Upgrade Instructions.

For fresh install Gallery PowerTool,
1) Download the rpm file from
2) As the root user run the command, rpm -Uvh ensim-gallery-2.0.1-1.0-7.i386.rpm
3) Restart the control panel using, service webppliance restart

To migrate from Gallery 1.5 to Gallery 2.0.1 please follow the following instructions,

  1. SSH to your server and change directory to /var/www/html.
  2. Backup your Gallery 1.5 albums.
  3. Run the find orphans script on your Gallery 1.5. Fix any problems that it found. It's located in your Gallery 1.5 folder at
  4. If your Gallery 1.x is a version older than 1.5, consider upgrading it to 1.5 now.
  5. Visit every album in your Gallery 1.5 at least once. (optional) .

    Your Gallery 1.5 is now ready to be migrated to Gallery 2.0.1.

  6. Install Gallery 2.0.1 as a separate Power Tool for any domain.
  7. Do not put your Gallery 1.5 albums into your Gallery 2.0.1 data directory yet. Do not modify or use the backup files created in the previous section.
  8. Login to Gallery 2.0.1.
  9. Go to the “site admin” within the Gallery 2.0.1 control panel.
  10. Under site admin -> modules, deactivate the “gd” module unless you REALLY need it
  11. Create a test album. (optional)
  12. Upload images to that test album. (optional)
  13. Verify that the images have uploaded correctly and that thumbnails were created. (optional)
  14. Click site admin link on top right corner. Go to import gallery 1 (at the left bottom). This is the Select Gallery page. Enter Gallery 1.5 albums dir path (absolute filesystem path). You will need to check the config.php file under Gallery 1.5, which is associated with the variable $gallery->app->albumDir and click Submit.
  15. You are now at  Choose Objects page.
  16. Select the users that you want to import.
  17. Submit. 
  18. You are now on the Confirm Import page.
  19. Verify that all of your users are listed on this page.
  20. Submit. 
  21. This is the Importing page. There should be an orange progress bar here. In the upper right hand corner there should be a memory display. If any errors show up, please take note of the errors as indicated in the troubleshooting part of this page (at the bottom).
  22. Your users should be correctly imported now.
  23. If everything went fine, click "import more data"
  24. You should end up on the Select Gallery page. Your path from last time should be available for you to click. Click it, then submit. 
  25. You are now on the Choose Objects page.
  26. Select the albums that you want to import.
  27. Select a few albums (choose as many albums as you have webspace, this import will copy all these albums including all files) 
  28. You are now on the Confirm Import page
  29. Verify that all of your selected albums are listed on this page.
  30. Submit. 
  31. This is the Importing page. There should be an orange progress bar here. In the upper right hand corner there should be a memory display.
  32. If any errors show up, please take note of the errors as indicated in the troubleshooting part of this page (at the bottom).  If the importation of these albums was successful, delete these albums from your Gallery 1.5 albums directory (optional, but it will save RAM later, and disk space now) 
  33. If everything went fine, click "import more data"
  34. Select the next group of albums to import, etc. until all Gallery 1.5 albums are imported.

 Notes: You will likely need to increase the PHP memory size limit in order for the import to finish successfully. Setting memory_limit to 32M worked for a gallery with approximately 4000 images. This is usually the fault of Gallery1's poor design.  Edit file. Change memory_limit to 32M, if required.

 Gallery 1.5 and Gallery 2.0.1 have different album and item metadata fields and field lengths. If you have relatively long summaries or titles, the default settings will likely truncate those. The import process allows you to change the mappings. The following mapping does a better job of preserving data than the defaults:

*Filename -> Title
*Caption -> Summary
*Caption -> Description

     If the import fails during a particular album, please try importing that album by itself first. If the import fails on a particular image or movie, please make sure that the original version of the image or movie exists in your Gallery 1.5 first. If the image or movie exists, please download the original image or movie to your computer and upload it to Gallery 2.0.1 outside of the import process.

Licensing: Before you install or upgrade Ensim Power Tools, please verify that you have an Ensim Power Tools 1.0 license installed on the server. To purchase additional licenses, please go to


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