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Product : EnsimPro for Windows 2003
Version : 4.0.1
Topic : Usage
Export Import Sites
Export Import Sites

Suppose We want to Export a site from 4.0 ( Server-I ) to new 4.0 server( Server-II ).

Then On Server-I Export the Site. Before doing this you need to configure "Import Export Settings" where you are specifying the Location.

e.g : C:\Export

Then try to export the site. This will create the "Ensim" folder under the Export folder. C:\Export\Ensim

Now copy the data C:\Export from Server-I to Server-II.

Now open Ensim Pro control panel on server-II and Configure the "Import Export Settings" as C:\Export . Logout the control panel.

Now Open Command prompt then type

osql -E then Enter

use ENSIM_WVH_Configuration
Insert Into ExportImport(OUName,Type,ExportedBy,Description,Location,DateTimeOfExport) values ('OUName','Site',1,"",'c:\sitesbackup','6/7/2005 18:56:27 PM')
(1 row affected)

Please cheange the parameters
OUName : Organisation Name
Type : Site
Exported By : 1
Description : nil
Location : C:\Export
DateTimeOfExport : 7/8/2005 7:03:39 AM ( format should be like this)

This will create One entry in the Database. Then Login to Server-II control panel and then use the Import Site. This will Import your site to the Server-II.

If You have 50 sites then you have to do 50 entries manually using above commands or create script which will do this for you.



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