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Knowledge ID 2039
Product : Ensim Pro for Linux
Version : 4.0.3
Topic : Hotfix

Hotfix 11 : Security Issue related to spamassassin 2.x/3.x

Security Issue related to spamassassin 2.x/3.x



Product: Ensim Pro for Linux
Version: 4.0.3 (Fedora Core 1, Fedora Core 2 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3ES)
Date: July 12,2005
Patch Description :  Security Issue related to spamassassin 2.x/3.x


Download :

Details of Procrc file:
Here is the location for procrc.pyc file which is OS specific i.e. three separate files for rhel3ES/fc1/fc2:
For fc1:
(md5sum: d892b043e7682c7013bf48f8b1c1c2cf)

For fc2:
(md5sum: 953b2a923ac492fbdca7e37760b9408c)

(md5sum: e92a9c7c5a86e9b0d05fbb43b4ad916f)

Note: Above mentioned files are common for any spamassassin version i.e. version 2.x and 3.x but os specific

For SpamAssassin 2.x : 
For fc1:
(md5sum: 81495c151b4cea0ff823eed4c542b18d)

For fc2:
(md5sum: 15b9e484f33ddf371be6bb980e6da530)

For RHEL: 
(md5sum: 5856319afc9280383932c5af940f0a05)

For SpamAssassin 3.x :
For fc1:
webppliance-spam_filter-4.0.3-32.fc.1.i386.rpm (md5sum: ecbff1f4475cbba5e642f996dfc7f918)
webppliance-spam_filter-frontend-4.0.3-32.fc.1.i386.rpm (md5sum: 9097a0d34629229242665d621b213a1c)

For fc2:
webppliance-spam_filter-4.0.3-32.fc.2.i386.rpm (md5sum: 30f71b7b896dce77f9531cb1e7ebd389)
webppliance-spam_filter-frontend-4.0.3-32.fc.2.i386.rpm (md5sum: 9c20e0651f31d8b40f055d18688e8b50)

webppliance-spam_filter-4.0.3-32.rhel.3ES.i386.rpm (md5sum: 695974cfa407f1eb287c3c65172a3b34)
webppliance-spam_filter-frontend-4.0.3-32.rhel.3ES.i386.rpm (md5sum: 4c9a8ae6f86464569fe7d5d8d0537c12)

Installation Procedure:
Download file specific to your Operating System and specific to the SpamAssassin version and then follow the instructions below to fix the problem.

1. rpm -Uvh *.rpm
2. python procrc.pyc
3. service webppliance restart



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