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Knowledge ID 2015
Product : Ensim Pro for Linux
Version : 4.0.2
Topic : Hotfix

Hotfix 14 : Global subdomain map is not updated on removal of aliases

New Feature : Addresses the issue "Entries like are not removed from global subdomain map after disabling aliases"



Product: Ensim Pro for Linux
4.0.2 (Fedora Core 1 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3ES)
Date:  June 09,2005
Patch Description: 
Addresses the issue:
Entries like are not removed from global subdomain map after disabling aliases
Overview : When site admin creates subdomains for a site with aliases enabled, sub domain entries are created in /etc/virtualhosting/mapping/subdomain_domain e.g.
Entries like are not removed from global sub domain map after disabling aliases.
How To Reproduce : The following could be one of the methods how this bug can be reproduced.
  * Login as Appliance Admin Create a site
  * Enable Aliases for the site.
  * Login to the created site and add sub domain
  * Login as Appliance Admin again and disable aliases for the site.
  * Check the /etc/virtualhosting/mappings/subdomain_domain should find sub domain entries for aliases still there.

Download :

For fc1:
  (md5sum : d82d5029a87d4d4cd0ee374e55af4ff9)

  (md5sum : ad84587259e29f54de8ac6a80ab76042)


   (md5sum : 3a77cfe3127aea4094aa4fd1ec06f40a)

   (md5sum : 1dec0da887718ebb852b5e618cb55711)

Installation Procedure:

1. Download appropriate subdomain.pyc and subdomain_utils.pyc files for the EPL version that you are running and verify md5sum.
2. Back up /usr/lib/ensim-python/site-packages/vh3/modules/subdomain.pyc
3. Back up /usr/lib/ensim-python/site-packages/vh3/subdomain_utils.pyc
4. Copy the downloaded subdomain.pyc file in place of /usr/lib/ensim-python/site-packages/vh3/modules/subdomain.pyc
5. Copy the downloaded subdomain_utils.pyc file in place of /usr/lib/ensim-python/site-packages/vh3/subdomain_utils.pyc
6. Restart Webppliance
7. For domains which have aliases disabled and their entries are not removed from the domain map, you need to enable/disable aliases.




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