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Product : Ensim Power Tools
Version : 1.5
Topic : Notifications

Ensim Release - Ensim Power Tools 1.5

Ensim Release - Ensim Power Tools 1.5



Ensim is pleased to announce the release of Ensim Power Tools 1.5, a suite of Power Tools applications that can be easily integrated with Ensim Pro and Ensim Basic 3.7 for Linux (RHEL or Fedora Core 1.0).

Power Tools are off-the-shelf Web applications that provide e-commerce, content management, forums, chat and other dynamic features for Web sites.

What’s new in Power Tools

Power Tools comprises a suite of Web applications that can be installed separately on Ensim Control Panel. It includes the following new applications:

  • b2 (version A classy news/Web log tool for creating blogs.
  • Crafty Syntax Live Help (version 2.7). A live support system for site owners to monitor their visitors and help them through chat sessions.
  • PHPLinks (version 2.1.3). A PHP tool for users to run a powerful link farm or search engine simulation.
  • PHPList (version 2.6.2). A Web-based personalized mailing list manager or customer relationship management (CRM) system.
  • PHProjekt (version 4.0.4 and version 4.1.1). A modular application for coordinating group activities, and sharing information and documents through the Internet and intranet.
  • PHP Support Tickets (version 1.5 and version 1.7). A PHP-based one-stop solution for managing customer queries.
  • WebCalendar (version 0.9.42). An online calendaring and scheduling system for managing personal, group, and corporate events over the Internet.
  • Xoops (version 2.0.5). A tool for developing small-to-large dynamic community Web sites, intra-company portals, corporate portals, and Web logs.

Product enhancements

The following applications have been upgraded in this release.

  • Gallery. Upgraded to version 1.4 and version 1.4.1.
  • PHPNuke. Upgraded to version 7.0.

Please read the Release Notes for more details on the new capabilities of Ensim Power Tools.

Product compatibility 

Power Tools 1.5 is compatible with Ensim Control Panel 3.7 running on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux ES Release 3 or Fedora™ Core 1.0 operating systems. 


Before you install or upgrade Ensim Power Tools, please verify that you have an Ensim Power Tools 1.0 license installed on the server.

To purchase additional licenses, please go to


Please review the Installation Guide prior to proceeding.

To download the Ensim Power Tools Installer, right-click on the following link: 

(md5sum: 8662a102ed899b0aea6eb2823c40b70d )

NOTE: please be sure to upload this to your server using binary mode transfer, otherwise you will receive an md5sum failure.


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