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Product : WEBppliance for Linux
Version : 3.5.2
Topic : FAQ

WEBppliance Pro for Linux 3.5.2 (LS)

WEBppliance Pro for Linux 3.5.2 (LS)



WEBppliance Pro for Linux 3.5.2 fixes some of the bugs that were reported in the WEBppliance Pro for Linux 3.5.0 and WEBppliance Pro for Linux 3.5.1.

Compatibility :

This Patch requires WEBppliance Pro 3.5.1 to be installed on your server.

Important: You can apply the WEBppliance Pro 3.5.2 patch on WEBppliance Pro 3.5.1

Resolved Issues : 

  1. Domain preview HTTP/HTTPS bandwidth is now tracked.    
  2. The appliance admin can now force resellers to create only High Security sites.  To enable this for a given reseller, edit the reseller in the Appliance Admin control panel and set the "Allow High Security Sites Only" to on.      
  3. The control panel mercury skin no longer hangs because of the hostname lookup on certain DNS configurations.      
  4. Missing ImageMagick files have been added to the chrooted site directory. This was previously causing some warnings on some PHP applications.    
  5. Subnets are now valid values for spam filters.    
  6. The proper uid/gid of MySQL are properly retrieved.  This was causing MySQL operations to fail on some systems.    
  7. Site backup no longer fails when analog is disabled.    
  8. The HTTPS environment variable is now passed when CGI is executed. This was causing issues with Miva and SSL.      
  9. The issue of accessing PHP scripts in User-owned subdomains has been resolved.    
  10. PHP scripts in sites with sendmail disabled were misbehaving. This is resolved.    
  11. The inline help in SSL certificate generation page hs been updated to show information concerning submission to Verisign, Thawte, and GeoTrust.    
  12. Site restore no longer creates an index.html if none existed originally.

Installation :

Download Site :  (be sure to download using BINARY mode)

1.  Download the file LS-3.5.2-5.tar.gz

2.  Uncompress the file:    
    tar -xvzf LS-3.5.2-5.tar.gz

3.  Change the current directory to the directory
    where you have uncompressed the file:
    cd LS-3.5.2-5

4.  Run the following command
    # sh ./

The install script verifies the current installation of WEBppliance to ensure that it complies with the patch requirements and then upgrades the required RPMs (requires root access). 
This install script will restart webppliance services automatically.


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