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Knowledge ID 1071
Product : EnsimPro for Windows 2003
Version : 3.6
Topic : Hot Fixes

Hotfix for error generated by browser after applying fresh SSL certificate .

On Ensim Pro 3.6 for Windows 2003, after applying fresh SSL certificate to appliance level, browser returns the error saying "NOT Geotrust"



Stunnel key and cert files were not getting copied to the appropriate location.

Affected files:
 <Install Dir> \Webppliance\base\serverman\current\constants.pyc
 <Install Dir> \Webppliance\published\webhost\services\w3svc\__init__.pyc

This patch is applicable for Ensim Pro 3.6 for Windows 2003 (Standalone) only.

Download Location

How to apply:

1. Download "constants.pyc" and "__init__.pyc" from the location given above.
2. Run the command "net stop virtualhosting" from the command prompt
3. Go to \Webppliance\base\serverman\current
4. Backup the file constants.pyc to some other file.
5. Replace the file constants.pyc with the new one.
6. Go to \Webppliance\published\webhost\services\w3svc
7. Backup the file __init__.pyc to some other file.
8. Replace the file __init__.pyc with the new one.
9. Run command "net start virtualhosting" from command the prompt
10. Wait for some time for the application to reinitialize.


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