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A domain is shown as out of sync in the Parallels Operations Automation (POA) Customer Control Panel (CCP). The customer cannot add mailboxes for the domain due to the following error:

E-mail address can not be created because the domain registration has not been completed yet.


Selected domain is not registered yet and cannot be used for mail hosting.


There are no domains with Mail hosting in the subscription.


A domain in POA has a special status called Registrar status. Some functionality can be unavailable when this status is not set to Ready. This feature allows end customers to add domains in POA without pre-validation.

In this case, the status is set to Undefined and POA does not allow mailbox creation for this domain. This is designed to protect against simple email interception by registering a well-known domain in POA.

Note: Domains without the Ready status are shown as out of sync in the Customer Control Panel.


The Domain Registrar Status can be changed from the Provider or Reseller Control Panel:

  • Go to Top > Operations Director > DNS Manager > Domains
  • Click on the domain
  • Press Edit
  • Select the desired Registrar Status from the drop-down list
  • Press Submit

To set the registrar status to ready, select a domain on the Domains screen and click the button 'Set Registrar Status to Ready':


Additional Information

  1. When a domain is added with the help of Parallels Business Automation - Enterprise (PBA-E) (Online Store or billing control panel), the Registrar status for the domain is automatically set to Ready when the domain registration/transfer is completed.

  2. There is a POA OpenAPI call available to set the registrar status of a domain: pem.setDomainRegistrarStatus.

    Please refer to the POA OpenAPI guide for detailed information about API calls.

  3. Starting from version 2.6.4, POA has a special configuration parameter to allow the use of email hosting for non-ready domains. This option only affects QMail hosting and can be configured in the POA Provider Control Panel at Top > System Director > Configuration Manager > System Properties > General > Allow to use disabled QMail hosting.

  4. If the "Domain registrar status default value" and "Allow to use disabled QMail hosting" system properties are changed on the Provider level, this will not affect resellers. If you want resellers to be affected, you may adjust those properties for each reseller in their own control panel.

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