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Article ID: 133930, created on Apr 15, 2019, last review on Apr 30, 2019

This hotfix also requires OA 8.0.0 HOTFIX 133970 PUI v8 OA 8.0.0 HOTFIX 133972 DOMAIN-SDK v1

Fixed Issues

  • OA-5234 Errors rate not measured by performance metrics
  • OA-4929 Billing can write redundant data in DB during subscription renewal
  • OA-4871 GetOrderDataPackage_API have to return vendor costs using reseller transactions
  • OA-3313 Renewal orders fail by timeout for .de domains registered through InternetX

Included from OA 8.0.0 HOTFIX 133929 PLATFORM v14

  • OA-3516 Identity Service single login form

Included from OA 8.0.0 HOTFIX 133921 PLATFORM v13

  • OA-4922 Outage of the APS booster on an UI node can occur due to an APS booster DB connection leak
  • OA-4880 The All Orders tab in the Provider and Reseller control panels might not load data if there is a large number of orders in the system
  • OA-4878 The speed of Renewal Order creation in Daily Billing slows down as more accounts are added to the system
  • OA-4793 On execution, the “Update configuration for brand” task is called even if pui.war has not been updated.
  • OA-4792 On execution, slave nodes are checked even if they have not been updated

Included from OA 8.0.0 HOTFIX 133918 PLATFORM v12

  • OA-4397 Renewal events may not work on systems with non-default locales
  • OA-4396 Invoice values may be displayed with incorrect precision on the UX1 home screen

Included from OA 8.0.0 HOTFIX 133899 PLATFORM v11

  • OA-4632 Some tasks groups can remain not completed for a significant amount of time
  • OA-4436 A meaningless error message is displayed in a notification and order when the subscription change limit event triggers in an Office 365 application

Included from OA 8.0.0 HOTFIX 133788 PLATFORM v10

  • FND-4091 InitWizard incorrectly maps resource rates if plan has one composite and one non-composite

Included from OA 8.0.0 HOTFIX 133754 PLATFORM v9

  • FND-3300 An issue with a microservice deployment
  • FND-3656 An issue with manual operations performed on domain subscriptions
  • FND-3714 New reseller accounts are not in Russian, however default locate set to RU
  • FND-3498 Granular synchronization of product catalog

Included from OA 8.0.0 HOTFIX 133736 PLATFORM v8

  • FND-3699 The “Login as Customer” button in UX1 for Resellers may not work in some browsers and on mobile devices
  • FND-3125 Incorrect behavior of legacy PCP on attempt to switch plan for subscription
  • FND-3698 No price displayed for plan in end customer UX1
  • FND-3697 Period price is shown instead of rate price for delegated on demand plans

Included from OA 8.0.0 HOTFIX 133718 PLATFORM v7

  • FND-2132 Slow performance of due amount recalculation when placing orders with discounts in UX1 for customers

Included from OA 8.0.0 HOTFIX 133683 PLATFORM v6

  • FND-3357 Performance metrics for custom operations with parameters are gathered incorrectly
  • FND-3192 A security vulnerability has been fixed
  • FND-3080 There are missed APS security links from vendor's PAAccount to customer's user
  • FND-3075 PAU service restart resets content type for e-mail notifications
  • FND-3047 Billing plan synchronization fails if languages unknown to aps-registry-ejb are added in system

Included from OA 8.0.0 HOTFIX 133657 PLATFORM v5

  • FND-2885 Changing the account locale from the billing panel does not correctly change the account locale in the system
  • FND-2848 Notifications from "Upgrade to Paid" wizard, "Renew" pop-up and "Change Limits" wizard come to notification manager in incorrect localization
  • FND-2811 Some BSS strings are missing in localization dictionaries
  • FND-2468 The capability to modify trial subscriptions and to convert them automatically into paid subscriptions has been added

Included from OA 8.0.0 HOTFIX 133633 PLATFORM v4

  • FND-3141 , FND-2969 Fixed minor issues with the detailed view of invoices for resellers with external AR management.

Included from OA 8.0.0 HOTFIX 133615 PLATFORM v3

  • FND-3007 Custom Data Types can cause errors in UX1
  • FND-2944 Vendor does not acquire APS link to its sub-reseller's bss-account-info resource
  • FND-2903 There is incorrect value in total widget on the first step of change plan/period wizard in CCPv2
  • FND-2632 Renew event provides wrong subscription dates
  • FND-791 Reseller pricing can be shown on CCPv2

Included from OA 8.0.0 HOTFIX 133569 PLATFORM v2

  • FND-2613 InitWizard incorrectly determines ConfSync mapping mode

Included from OA 8.0.0 HOTFIX 133537 PLATFORM v1

  • FND-28 "Invoices" tile on the Home page in UX1 always has status "Overdue invoices" if at least one invoice is not paid.
  • FND-1962 A reseller's order can still be provisioned in case the reseller has a negative balance and a credit limit specified
  • FND-2490 The transaction of collected CEP data can be aborted in case of a large number of resellers

Included from OA 8.0.0 HOTFIX 133486 PAU v4

  • FND-2103 APS screens (e.g. Cloud Infrastructure) in OA Control Panel are not loading after the upgrade to OA 8.0

Included from OA 8.0.0 HOTFIX 133480 PAU v3

  • FND-2295 Potential security vulnerability has been fixed

Included from OA 8.0.0 HOTFIX 133461 PAU v2

  • FND-1961 An attempt to retrieve GDPR information for a customer fails with the "Incorrect Response from APS Controller" error.
  • FND-1933 If a duplicate composite resource already exists or it is added to several resources, the ConfSync mapping update transaction rolls back. As a result, the update doesn't occur

Included from OA 8.0.0 HOTFIX 133429 PAU v1

  • FND-17 The "Cleanup resources usage log" periodic task fails with error
  • FND-14 Periodic tasks that synchronize APS resource usage fail with error

Included from BA 8.0.0 HOTFIX 133497 BM v2

  • FND-2336 Start and end dates which were imported from VRD collector are not converted to local time
  • FND-2337 The invoice for a subscription that was rated through Vendor Rated Data collector contains wrong duration
  • FND-2304 BSS installation fails on CentOS 7.6 with an internal dependency error
  • FND-2323 The "GetBasketPrices_API" method ignores the "Per Customer" limit for Global Promotions

Included from BA 8.0.0 HOTFIX 133430 BM v1

  • FND-13 Issue with delayed cancellation order


This hotfix can be downloaded from here.


Use oa-update KB111323 to install this hotfix. Also this hotfix will be installed automatically during upgrade to OA 8.0.0 via oa-update.

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