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Dependencies and Prerequisites

  • Operations Automation 7.4 or a later version.

Additions and Enhancements

  • Resellers who did not sign a CSP agreement with Microsoft can resell Azure services through a syndication program.
  • Providers can move Azure accounts between different resellers.
  • Providers can cancel Azure subscriptions in Odin Automation without deleting data from the Azure Cloud.
  • When subscriptions are cancelled, providers and users are notified that they need to manually remove their resources from the Azure Portal.


Contact your Odin support account manager to obtain the new versions of the Azure Cloud Solution Provider (Azure CSP) application package.


  1. To install the Azure CSP application, use the instructions provided in the Deploying section.
  2. We highly recommend that you configure the regular Azure database backup (at least daily) using any DB backup solution.


  • Upgrade is supported from version 7.6 only.

    1. Copy the package to the endpoint node and perform the following commands:

      #unzip -o -d /usr/local /root/
      #cd /usr/local/azure
      #python deployment/ upgrade
    2. Copy the package to the management node and perform the following commands:

      #unzip -o -d /usr/local /root/
      #cd /usr/local/azure
      #python deployment/ upgrade
    3. Upgrade application instances in Odin Automation.

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