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UX1 for Customers is a completely new, implemented from scratch customer control panel, built with APS 2 technology. It was designed to meet the needs of today's users and make the whole work process simple and intuitive.

By default, UX1 is optimized for a provider with 100,000 accounts. If a provider has a bigger customer base, it is recommended to boost platform performance. The article describes the guidelines to take into account.


NOTE: All considerations below are given as generic guidelines and their applicability on each specific platform deployment should be assessed by CloudBlue Support Team.

  1. Enable APS Booster on the system: Improving System Response Speed. APS Booster technology gives approximately 30% UI requests latency reduction.

  2. Consider lowering vm.swappiness value to tune the system to use physical RAM more often. The official description could be found in Red Hat documentation: Configuring System Memory Capacity

  3. Consider increasing Java heap size for OSS Core Wildfly instance. Contact CloudBlue technical support for detailed instructions how to apply the new limit. Note: The heap size configuration is reset upon major system upgrades, so the tuning points are to be saved and re-applied on each upgrade.

  4. Make sure the system is completely up-to-date, OA 7.4 HF 133346 should be installed to minimize the risk of Control Panel instability.

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