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Article ID: 133476, created on Dec 5, 2018, last review on Dec 5, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 7.4


After upgarde of OAP platform from version 6.0 to 7.X staff member faces error message below on attempt to switch to Billing from Operations side:

    "There are no users with the login <firstpart>@<secondpart>" 

In /var/log/pa/billing.log it represents as the following strings:

[18-11-30 14:57:13.423 APS         RQ11462 TH32401 DBG] GET,eq(login,<firstpart>@<secondpart>)
[18-11-30 14:57:13.513 APS         RQ11462 TH32401 DBG] Response: '[]'
[18-11-30 14:57:13.514 GenericWork RQ11462 TH32401 TRC]   ...[2] *** INTERRUPTED BY EXCEPTION *** virtual int bPemRequest::getPEMUser(STLRT::Component*, Int)
[18-11-30 14:57:13.514 GenericWork RQ11462 TH32401 TRC]  ...[1] *** INTERRUPTED BY EXCEPTION *** virtual APSToken bPemRequest::getUserToken(STLRT::Component*, Int, Int)
[18-11-30 14:57:13.514 PEMGATE_Obj RQ11462 TH32401 TRC] ...[0] *** INTERRUPTED BY EXCEPTION *** ListResult* PEMGATE::GetBillingTreeApplicationsList(Int)

Attempts to request information from APS-Bus returns an empty response:

curl -kE /usr/local/pem/APS/certificates/poa.pem ",eq(login,<firstpart>@<secondpart>)"


Discrepancy between APS-Bus and Database. On APS-Bus the login property value equals value from email filed. It can be checked using following APS request (using domain tld as a part of login name "<firstpart>@<secondpart>.tld"):

curl -kE /usr/local/pem/APS/certificates/poa.pem ",eq(login,<firstpart>@<secondpart>.tld)"
                        "type": "",
                        "id": "7ce38ece-ac52-4204-beb2-034860282c96",
                        "status": "aps:ready",
                        "revision": 7,
                        "modified": "2015-07-28T15:03:17Z"
                "additionalName": null,
                "email": "<firstpart>@<secondpart>.tld",
                "login": "<firstpart>@<secondpart>.tld",

Meanwhile in BA > Users this user login name is <firstpart>@<secondpart>


Information about user login can be propagated using following way:

  1. Open BA > Users > required user or BA > Reseller > Users > required user
  2. Press button Edit
  3. Press button Save (No changes are required)

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