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Article ID: 133179, created on Sep 14, 2018, last review on Jan 11, 2019

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 7.0
  • Operations Automation 7.3
  • Operations Automation 7.4


How to find out who changed an Account/Reseller name?


Perform the following steps for investigation:

  1. Search for 'EditAccountGeneralHandler' pattern in /var/log/pa/pui/pui.log on all of your UI servers:

    #grep 'EditAccountGeneralHandler' /var/log/pa/pui/pui.log
    08:26:47.038 [default task-168] DEBUG c.p.p.c.c.p.m.pages.PDefaultPage - Action 'pcp.account.view.EditAccountGeneralHandler' is black
  2. Open the log and find the aforementioned line:

    08:26:47.038 [default task-168] DEBUG c.p.p.c.c.p.m.pages.PDefaultPage - Action 'pcp.account.view.EditAccountGeneralHandler' is black
    08:26:47.039 [default task-168] DEBUG - DAI: initRequest on$DataAccessImpl@13b1e5a
    08:26:47.039 [default task-168] DEBUG c.p.p.c.c.p.m.pages.PDefaultPage -
    ****************NEW REQUEST***************
    request scheme: http, data scheme: http
    {company_name=Reseller Name}
    {address= Marina Bay Financial Centre}
  3. Find the staff member ID by the session ID specified in the request above:

    [root@ui6 ~]# grep "3a693ace047402c2e090b7458b4fc367.*userId" /var/log/pa/pui/pui.log
    08:21:52.369 [default task-246] DEBUG c.p.p.c.c.pcp.util.login.LoginHelper - registerLogin sid=3a693ace047402c2e090b7458b4fc367, loginHistoryImpl=class com.sun.proxy.$Proxy38, userId=1000001, realUserId=0, fromIP=, url=, tag=c4fde823-0aca-47b1-ac7d-76e1d804d60c
  4. Find the details on the staff member in OA > System > Users > search by userId from the output.

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