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Article ID: 132494, created on Apr 8, 2018, last review on Apr 8, 2018

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  • Operations Automation 7.3


Linux File Manager is intermittently returning 503 errors:

Error 503
Sorry, the service is not available
Try to reload page later.

When refreshing the page, it is loaded properly.


There are 2 WebFileManager services running on different servers, so every time the File Manager is accessed, the WebFileManager service is chosen by round-robin algorithm from the available ones.

The corresponding rules can be found on the branding node:

[root@linuibr1 ~]# grep webfilemanager /var/www/brands/
RewriteRule ^webfilemanager/5043/(.*)$$1 [P]
RewriteRule ^webfilemanager/3859/(.*)$$1 [P]

where is a branding domain.

So, if one of the WebFileManager servers does not listen the port 1299, every second attempt to access the File Manager will throw the error 503.


  1. Make sure the firewall on the both WebFileManager nodes does not block incoming connections to the port TCP/1299
  2. Make sure Apache on the WebFileManager nodes is running and the port TCP/1299 is listened by it
  3. If IP address belongs to an Apache NG cluster, but WebFileManager is disabled on the cluster, perform the below steps:

    3.1. Go to OA > Infrastructure > Service Nodes > Web Clusters

    3.2. Click the cluster name, go to the Additional Services tab

    3.3. Set the checkbox next to WebFileManager, click Enable

    3.4. Wait until all related tasks are processed, repeat steps 3.1-3.2

    3.5. Set the checkbox next to WebFileManager, click Disable

after this the incorrect rule should be removed from the .htaccess file in the branding web directory.

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