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Article ID: 132462, created on Mar 29, 2018, last review on Mar 29, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 7.0
  • Operations Automation 7.1
  • Operations Automation 6.0


Office 365 task Unprovisioning "Domain" for APS application Office 365 failed with the following error.

APS Application Error:
500 Internal Server Error
[ApplicationUnknownError] Unprovisioning: resource 416346f0-ca7c-4fff-9e1a-911deca503a2 of type 'office365users' ( for APS application 'Office 365-16.5-64': User was not found.

Body: {
"code": 500,
"message": "User was not found",
"additionalNonlocalizableMessage": "",
"error": "ApplicationUnknownError",
"http_request": "DELETE /O365App/aps/office365users/416346f0-ca7c-4fff-9e1a-911deca503a2 to '<MOSI_GW>'"

In the sitelog one could find the following exception:

[  23] DEBUG flow        : CSP: Delete user with principal name 'support@domain.tld'
[   8] DEBUG 56ad364e35]]: Exception
System.AggregateException: One or more errors occurred. ---> Microsoft.Data.OData.ODataErrorException: User was not found ---> System.Data.Services.Client.DataServiceQueryException: An error occurred while processing this request. ---> System.Data.Services.Client.DataServiceClientException: {"odata.error":{"code":"Authentication_Unauthorized","message":{"lang":"en","value":"User was not found"}}}
   at System.Data.Services.Client.BaseAsyncResult.EndExecute[T](Object source, String method, IAsyncResult asyncResult)
   at System.Data.Services.Client.QueryResult.EndExecuteQuery[TElement](Object source, String method, IAsyncResult asyncResult)
   --- End of inner exception stack trace ---


  1. Customer revoked their admin credentials and relocated to another provider. Provider can no longer verify status of this account.
  2. User is not found on MOP or it was already deleted on MOP side.


  1. Check if the permissions were revoked in Partner Center. Search for a customer and try to check his Account if you see "This customer removed your admin permissions. To see this account, ask the customer for support permissions." click "ask the customer for support permissions." and/or contact customer. Subscription will not be manageable by Odin Automation till the permissions are granted.

  2. Contact Odin Technical Support for further assistance with cleanup of obsolete resource on OA side.

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