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Article ID: 132439, created on Mar 26, 2018, last review on Mar 26, 2018

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  • Business Automation 7.2


The domain was registered in OA as domain registered elsewhere (with NSes set to OA), later customer decided to transfer the domain (through BA). As a result of transfer the domain lost its hosting OA (DNS hosting was changed to External). Why did it happen, if before the transfer NSes were already correct, set to OA?


The domain service template has an option Name Servers for Domain Transfer set to Leave existing name servers. The system does the following:

a) asks plugin with the method GetDomainNameServers -> writes the NS if received

b) if the plugin method is not implemented, or there is no reply there is an attempt to get NSes with the system methods -> writes these NSes

valid since OSA 7.1 (change is made in scope of the feature "Ability to specify external nameservers during domain registration/transfer")

c) gets the data written on step a or b with the method DomainInfoGet_API

d) get the list of NSes from OA, by pem.getDomainNameServers

e) compares the list from c and d. If the records are equal BA send request pem.addDomain with the parameter external_domain set to 0, otherwise - set to `1'. In case of external domain, NS records from BA are left, domain in OA gets External hosting, no DNS resource usage on the subscription.

It is important for the domain plugin to return the records in the correct way - without dot at the end of the record. The records:


are considered as different records. So, you may need to adjust custom plugin.

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