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Article ID: 132358, created on Mar 9, 2018, last review on Mar 9, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 7.3


Task "Upgrading resources of application 'G Suite'" fails with error:

Internal error: APSC: Upgrade to ver. 3.0-208 : resource f127d174-8915-468a-b82f-9f6555fafa7a of type 'globals' ( for APS application 'G Suite-3.0-208' : file_put_contents(typeCache/7989a4b5-6a38-49e2-b011-d8eee668018a.json): failed to open stream: Permission denied at /var/www/html/apsgoogle/lib/runtime/aps/2/cache.php:55.


Wrong ownership of 'typeCache' folder:

[root@endpoint ]# ll -d /var/www/html/apsgoogle/typeCache/
drwxrwxr-x 2 apache apache 4096 Mar  8 16:24 /var/www/html/apsgoogle/typeCache/

Since Google APS uses its own PHP handler /var/www/html/apsgoogle/cgi-bin/php-cgi that runs on behalf on 'google' user:

[root@endpoint ]# ll /var/www/html/apsgoogle/cgi-bin/php-cgi
-r-xr-xr-x 1 google google 96 Jul  6  2017 /var/www/html/apsgoogle/cgi-bin/php-cgi

, that user should be able to write to 'typeCache' folder.


Correct ownership accordingly:

[root@endpoint ]# chown /var/www/html/apsgoogle/typeCache/

5356b422f65bdad1c3e9edca5d74a1ae caea8340e2d186a540518d08602aa065 e12cea1d47a3125d335d68e6d4e15e07 dd79f16c76b9dca75205ab5e9f5465ea 1941880841f714e458ae4dc3d9f3062d

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