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Article ID: 132342, created on Mar 7, 2018, last review on Mar 28, 2018

Supported Odin Automation Versions

The pre-sync mode is supported in the following Odin Automation versions:

New setting

The new internal setting allows to suspend the migration process right before the completion and resume it any time later. Thus, you can schedule the mailboxes migration completion in a right time. (It does not affect moving between mailstores inside the same Exchange instance.)

Activating the setting

Contact your Odin support account manager to learn how to activate the setting.

How migration behavior changed

After the setting is activated, the following are the main steps to proceed with the migration:

  1. Schedule the migration (by any means: via switching service plan or changing service template, via OpenAPI, or using PCP).

    • Mailboxes will be moved using cmdlet New-MoveRequest with the SuspendWhenReadyToComplete switch.
    • After mailbox content is transferred to the target mailstore, the move request will be set to the AutoSuspended status.
  2. Wait till the move requests are in the AutoSuspended status. Get the list of the move requests in the AutoSuspended status using the Get-MoveRequest -MoveStatus AutoSuspended and resume the suspended move requests using cmdlet Resume-MoveRequest. Move requests will complete. Tasks in OA will track the move request completion and continue the work by finalizing the migration.

Tracking migration status and troubleshooting


  • Since the pre-sync feature suspends the mailbox move requests before its completion, it may cause performance issues due to many suspended move requests.
  • OA tasks queue will grow.
  • Tasks "Monitor move mailbox requests for serviceā€¦" check statuses of all move requests and will process all suspended move requests.
  • Pay attention and control the number of suspended move requests during the migration.

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