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Article ID: 132290, created on Feb 22, 2018, last review on Mar 1, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 7.3


  1. In Provider Control Panel > Cloud Infrastructure > Virtual Servers Click any server and go to the history tab, initially it will load with no items found

  2. 'Monitor' tab does not load with the error:

    Resource usage is not available for the server.
  3. In /var/log/pa/vps.log on Instance Manager node the following events could be found:

    2018-02-20 05:42:59,437 (f3f0adee-2ec8-4e97-ab07-f3c9c293e1d4) DEBUG LazyListImpl [Grizzly-worker(4)] - Waiting for the next element, fetched so far: 0
    2018-02-20 05:42:59,537 (f3f0adee-2ec8-4e97-ab07-f3c9c293e1d4) ERROR LazyListImpl [Grizzly-worker(4)] - LazyList max poll time exceeded
    2018-02-20 05:42:59,538 (f3f0adee-2ec8-4e97-ab07-f3c9c293e1d4) DEBUG LazyListImpl [Grizzly-worker(4)] - No more elements
    2018-02-20 05:42:59,538 (f3f0adee-2ec8-4e97-ab07-f3c9c293e1d4) DEBUG LazyListImpl [Grizzly-worker(4)] - No more elements in the iterator
    2018-02-20 05:42:59,538 (f3f0adee-2ec8-4e97-ab07-f3c9c293e1d4) INFO  CustomLoggingFilter [Grizzly-worker(4)] - 22841 * Server out-bound response
    22841 < 200
    22841 < Content-Type: application/xml
    22841 < x-paci-request-id: f3f0adee-2ec8-4e97-ab07-f3c9c293e1d4
    22841 < 
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
    2018-02-20 05:42:59,669 () DEBUG ResultSetIterator [VF executor thread #196 @COMMON] - ResultSetIterator - ended


Software-related issue #CCU-17675 Empty VE History tab - LazyList max poll time exceeded


For VE History, press Refresh button on top-right corner, all history events will appear.

For the performance graphs on the 'Monitor' tab, there is no workaround, the fix is planned in one of the future updates.

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