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Article ID: 132288, created on Feb 22, 2018, last review on Feb 22, 2018

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Node was removed from QMail cluster. All QMail tasks started to fail with the following output message:

Host #207 does not exist.

core.log error is:

DBG [... QmailCluster ]: [ QmailCluster::HostOpsPerformer::perform] ===> ENTRY
DBG [... pau ]: c.p.p.s.d.e.DBServiceBean ' SELECT operation_host_id FROM cqmail_configurations WHERE config_id =  ?'. Parameters: [1] [sqlpid: 31076]
DBG [... pau ]: c.p.p.tracer exit by exception: Host #207 does not exist.


The operation_host_id property was not updated in a proper way in case two nodes are removed from QMail cluster simultaneously.

This behavior has been addressed to Odin Development team as software-related issue #POA-114806: "Value of 'operation_host_id' field (in 'cqmail_configurations' table) is updated incorrectly after node removal".


Contact or TAM to trace the status of the issue.

Workaround: contact Odin Technical Support to apply internal workaround.

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