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Article ID: 132283, created on Feb 21, 2018, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 7.3


  1. After OA upgrade to 7.3 Azure periodic tasks Azure CSP: Archiving and deleting old reports and Azure CSP: check budget cap are failing with error:

    Last execution output   Access denied.
  2. Odin Automation core node is configured with two (or more) IP Addresses for example and

  3. On attempt to access different tabs under Services > Applications > Azure Cloud Solution Provider > Instance following exception appears:

    Access denied.
    Error code: access_denied
    Error Category: api
  4. azure.log on Azure CSP Endpoint contains records like:

    2018-02-13 01:10:34,829 INFO  [] (azure task-9) <APS-APP> A key store file for the server key of an application with the instance id  'f2c11c32-b408-4cfd-93a1-11a22a3344c6' doesn't contain a certificate for '' APS controller.
    2018-02-13 01:10:34,830 DEBUG [] (azure task-9) <SERVER> Incoming request 'GET' has been finished: HTTP 403 Forbidden
  5. In core.log on Core Node it represents as the following:

    Feb 13 01:15:26.709 : DBG [aps-service:7247 aps-service-task-1:504 pau]: c.p.p.s.c.e.EndpointExecutorBean opening new connection for application f2c66c32-b408-4cfd-93a1-46a35a1534c6
    Feb 13 01:15:26.724 : DBG [aps-service:7247 aps-service-task-1:504 pau]: c.p.p.s.c.e.EndpointExecutorBean closed connection for application ff7d4ae6-2adf-444c-a9af-49ea154bb27b
    Feb 13 01:15:26.724 : DBG [aps-service:7247 aps-service-task-1:504 pau]: c.p.p.s.c.e.EndpointExecutorBean Begin request: 'GET' TLSv1.2
    Feb 13 01:15:26.749 : DBG [aps-service:7247 aps-service-task-1:504 pau]: c.p.p.s.c.e.EndpointExecutorBean End request: 'GET' '403 Forbidden'
    Feb 13 01:15:26.750 : DBG [aps-service:7247 aps-service-task-1:504 pau]: c.p.p.tracer exit by exception: Access denied.


After Odin Automation platform upgrade APS-Controller-URI was changed from to Azure CSP application does not support handle such changes. Software-related issue #APSA-19557 has been addressed to Odin platform Development team.


Please contact Odin Technical Support to apply workaround.

Additionally please contact or Technical Account Manager to trace the status of the software issue.

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