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Article ID: 132195, created on Feb 6, 2018, last review on Feb 6, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 7.2


Installation of Exchange PPM-package (Protocols/IMAP/POP3/SMTP) fails. Event registered in PCP > Operations > Tasks > Events:

Installation of package Exchange2013Protocols 1.11 (id=ID) to host EXCAS01.DOMAIN.LOCAL (id=ID) was failed. Reason: Failed to process finalizeInstallUpdate for pkgId: ID, ex message is: IDL:Plesk/ExSystem:1.0

Error in /var/log/pa/core.log on OA Management Node:

Jan 16 22:56:03.215 : DBG [SysDbHeartbeat p:-default-threadpool;-w:-Idle:738 pau]: c.p.p.s.b.e.BrandedServiceBean addBrandableService acc.point NNN.NNN.NNN.NNN service ExchIMAP4 hostname PREFIX.DOMAIN.TLD
Jan 16 22:56:03.218 : DBG [SysDbHeartbeat p:-default-threadpool;-w:-Idle:738 pau]: c.p.p.tracer exit by exception: IDL:Plesk/ExSystem:1.0


Provider has same Exchange package installed with the same prefix but different domain and different IP


This is a result of bug POA-113517.

Expected behavior: in case if prefix is occupied by another service OA constructs unique value by adding "-1", "-2".. at the end of the prefix. Package installation completes successfully. It does not work because of the bug.

Actual behavior: package installation fails with error PrefixAlreadyRegistered


Please upgrade your OA-installation to version 7.3 where bug POA-113517 is fixed.

Workaround: Use unique value of the prefix, i.e exchange-1, autodiscover-redirect-1.

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