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Article ID: 132123, created on Jan 24, 2018, last review on Jan 30, 2018

This hotfix also requires 

BA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131871 BILLING CORE v12
OA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131452 PUI v8

Fixed Issues

New Fixed Issues

  • CCU-17604 remote_clone for Windows VM in Virtuozzo 6 cluster is broken

Included from OA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131771 OACI v9

  • CCU-17301 Update CH localization

Included from OA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131631 OACI v8

  • POA-113407 It is not possible to clone Windows VMs on VZ7 with different node chosen as target

Included from OA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131611 OACI v7

  • CCU-17260 Error occurs when deleting the only public IP address assigned to VM on VZ7

Included from OA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131367 OACI v6

  • CCU-17036 Unable to switch on the ‘RAM Autoscale’ option for a Virtuozzo 7 VM from CCP v1
  • CCU-17021 Unable to open VNC console for Virtuozzo 7 servers

Included from OA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131285 OACI v5

  • CCU-16858 The "Get usage data from PACI Instance Manager" periodic task fails
  • CCU-16834 A task to improve performance when updating subscription limits

Included from OA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131254 OACI v4

  • CCU-16626 Customer subscribed to a Cloud Infrastructure service plan will not be able to access his Cloud Infrastructure subscriptions from CCP v2, if the Published property of that plan was changed to No.

  • CCU-16625 VPSs created in older versions (6.0.x) with no firewall rules defined cannot be managed from CCP v2.

Included from OA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131153 OACI v3

  • CCU-16439 After the update of PVPS application, provisioning of new VPSs with Plesk failed.

Included from OA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131028 OACI v2

  • CCU-16627 The Cloud Infrastructure tile on the Home dashboard loads too slow
  • CCU-16111 Provisioning of PVPS occasionally fails.

Included from OA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 130936 OACI v1

  • CCU-15490 Java heap leak could lead to IM crash


This hotfix can be downloaded from here.


Use oa-update KB111323 to install this hotfix.

Also this hotfix will be installed automatically during upgrade to OA 7.1.0 via oa-update.

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