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Article ID: 132100, created on Jan 22, 2018, last review on Jul 14, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Business Automation 7.2


Billing Control Panel becomes inaccessible periodically.

The following entries can be seen in billing.www.log:

[18-01-14 04:12:30.651 UIWorker    RQ00000 TH21910 TRC] +++[0] void UI::SessionRepo::clearExpiredSessions(bool)(0)
[18-01-14 04:12:30.653 UIWorker    RQ00000 TH21910 WRN] There are 18 requests waiting for session 'd747b2a3ad0a01147c9ffc6c8300dc86'. Session will not be removed.
[18-01-14 04:12:30.653 UIWorker    RQ00000 TH21910 TRC] 0 expired sessions have been removed
[18-01-14 04:15:01.864 UIServer    RQ00000 TH21909 NTE] 100 workers are running
[18-01-14 04:15:01.864 UIServer    RQ00000 TH21909 ERR] Maximum number of connections exceeded.

Which indicate that a new connection cannot be established due to the fact that maximum amount of connections is reached.

For a not removed session it can be seen that previously the system tries to save a Problem Report:

[18-01-11 15:20:25.961 UIWorker    RQ14114333 TH29913 TRC] +++[0] void MTConn::parse_request(const Platform::UI::Request&)(d747b2a3ad0a01147c9ffc6c8300dc86-sudo1082583-207ca9bea450bc32a39bda6f4a334539@act:BM::Subscription_CDB_BuyResourceForSubscriptionList/__Next)
[18-01-11 15:20:25.988 UIWorker    RQ14114333 TH29913 TRC] +++[0] MTConn::ErrorInfo MTConn::callReporter(uint32_t, const string&, const string&)()

However the appempt fails with the following error:

[18-01-11 15:20:26.033 UIWorker    RQ00000 TH29913 FTL] Thread terminated by throwing an        instance of 'N5STLRT3Log6Server9ExceptionE'.what(): server error #518: no request ID associated with client connection [0x7f3bbc703c10], thread #29913


The issue is caused by #PBA-83747.


As a workaround it is required to restart pba service:

#service pba restart

For a permanent fix a hotfix BA 7.2.0 HOTFIX 132137 STELLART v2 is required to be installed as soon as possible.

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