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Article ID: 132096, created on Jan 19, 2018, last review on Jan 19, 2018

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  • Operations Automation 7.1


Customer ordered OACI VPS with 1024 MB of RAM, but subscription in OA was created with Limit of 1000 MB of RAM. On BA side, customer ordered 2 items of 512MB "PACI Memory" resource.

According to core.log, RAM resource limit as sent to OA like below:

c.p.p.s.s.e.SubscriptionResourcesManagerBean validating subscription #*** resource type #1002294 limit 1024000

Why real RAM size does not correspond with ordered?


Incorrectly set Unit of Measure for Megabytes of RAM on BA side.


Resource UoM for RAM is a megabyte (MB), which uses kilobyte (KB) as a base resource. Correct multiplier in this case is 1024.

Before sending resource limits to OA, BA converts them to base unit of measure. If multiplier for MB UoM is incorrectly set to 1000, then 1024000 KB will be sent, which is effectively 1024000 KB / 1024 = 1000 MB.

In order to fix the discrepancy, set multiplier for megabytes to 1024 (default value).

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