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Cloud Infrastructure Log in PCP contains notifications about resource pcs-storage shortage in a particular OACI Network Group. But reported size of a cloud storage is incorrect.

Example (values in GB):

The resource pcs-storage is nearly used up on NG _NG_NAME_. Only 18% is left. (69863 out of 84274 are used)

But corresponding cloud storage size is 45.8TB and usage is 31.5TB (14,3TB free, it is about 30%) .


This is a result of the algorithm that OACI uses to calculate reported values:

Usage (69863 GB) = Sum of all disk sizes of VM's/containers located on the corresponding cloud storage

Real usage in Virtuozzo is smaller because virtual disks are dynamic (disk file becomes bigger when disk usage grows inside VM/container).

Cloud Storage Size (84274 Gb) = Usage + remaining space on the cloud stotrage that is retrieved from Virtuozzo

Since reported values do not reflect real storage size/usage this behavior has been registered as software bug CCU-17581


Contact your Technical Account Manager or to clarify status of bug CCU-17581

Provider can check real remaining space directly in Virtuozzo or in PCP:

PCP > Cloud Infrastructure > Virtualization Nodes > SERVER_NAME > Cloud > Virtuozzo storage Capacity

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