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Article ID: 132060, created on Jan 15, 2018, last review on Jan 15, 2018

  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 7.1
  • Operations Automation 7.2


Customer unable to clone Windows VM in Virtuozzo PCS6 cluster. Following error represented in /var/log/pa/vps.vm2vf.log on the hardware node that hosts the affected VE:

2017-11-03 16:44:13,800 (2624e0a4-d0f1-428d-8fd6-2769f459420c remote_clone_ve_cb callback) INFO  CallbackWithCapacityAndIdMediator1480 [Thread-273876] - XML: <Envelope xmlns=""><correlationId>CALLBACK_60da097f-3ac0-429a-b7b8-06d736e0e4fc</correlationId><kind>1490</kind><payload>// callback remote_clone_ve_cb done_with_message
  "rc" : -2147282889,
  "node_timestamp" : 3227302928330884882,
  "msg" : "The virtual machine is stored on a shared storage device and cannot be cloned. To clone this virtual machine, copy it first to your local disk drive."
}</payload></Envelope> to destination queue://client


Software related issue #CCU-17350 remote_clone for Windows VM in Virtuozzo 6 cluster is broken.


Please contact your Technical Account Manager or Pooled Technical Associate in order to clarify current status of the issue.

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