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Article ID: 131996, created on Jan 2, 2018, last review on May 12, 2018

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A Sales Order for the hosting subscription is in the "Provisioning Failed" status while all tasks on OA side are completed and the subscription is enabled. When one attempts to resubmit the order for provisioning, it fails with a message:

Wait for provisioning completition Service Creation Failed: Parallels Operations Automation error #error_code #2007, extype_id #205, module_id #ResourceManagement, Subscription #XXX already exists.."


A Sales Order was hanging in the "Provisioning Failed" status for more than a month because of some issues on OA side (for example, a provisioning task failed for some reason). Finally, the task was processed and the services were provided. But on the billing side it is impossible to complete the order correctly. The issue comes from the fact that billing does not know if all provisioning tasks were successfully completed on OA side.

This behaviour was acknowledged as being incorrect and was addressed to the developing team as an internal request PFR-1300. It will be implemented in the upcoming version of Odin Automation. Besides, a software issue PBA-83552 was submitted to improve the displayed error message.


To complete the affected order, it is possible to trigger a new event of type 'Creation Completed':

  1. Open the affected order on the "Provisioning Items" tab and write down the failed provisioning item's ID (enable the corresponding checkbox in the "Select Columns" drop-down menu if items' IDs are not displayed);
  2. Log into the billing control panel as Provider and go to the Billing > System > Settings > Events;
  3. Open event of the "Creation Completed" type and click the Trigger Event button;
  4. Use the pattern below to fill the "Parameters" field value and press the "Send" button.

    GateID=4;IssuedSuccessfully=1;Message=Operations Automation service is created. ;OrderItemID=[ProvisioningItemID];SubscrID=[SubscriptionID] 
  5. Open the required order and check if the provisioning item has the "Completed" status. If yes - then resubmit the order for provisioning. In case if it contains no more provisioning items to be processed, the system will complete the order successfully.

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