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Article ID: 131953, created on Dec 22, 2017, last review on Dec 22, 2017

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  • Business Automation 7.2


Domain availability check in the Online Store takes a of time, or fails with the following error:

No Domains found


The issue occurs in case if a lot of Domain Service Plans are added into a Sales Catagory attached to Domain Registration screen of the Online Store, so it takes a significant to check availability of a domain on many TLDs.

To reduce amount of TLDs checked in scope of one request, the following can be done:

  1. The system perfomes an availability check of a domain on every domain Service Plan which has Popular TLD setting enbaled in a Service Template as it is described in the documentation. So to descrease the request time, for some domain registration Service Templates, Popular TLD can be disabled.
  2. If DOMAINSEXTENSION_SCREEN screen parameter is set to true in the Online Store, the system checks other domain Service Plans and displays them as also available. To avoid such behavior, set the parameter to false in Home > Products > Online Store > Screens tab > DOMAINSEXTENSION_SCREEN

If the above is done, however domain availability check still takes a lot of time, the issue is caused by #PBA-83493 "Domain availability check in the Online Store may take a lot of time due to long PlansListFeesWithTaxesGet_API execution".


To clarify status of #PBA-83493, please contact your Technical Account Manager of a member of Pooled Technical Associates team.

If domain availability check fails with No Domains found error, a domain availability check request timeout can be inceased via the steps below:

  1. On Online Store Host open file /etc/httpd/conf.d/0ssl.conf for editing;
  2. Add timeout=300 to the config line ProxyPass /aps like below:

    ProxyPass /aps timeout=300
  3. Add the same timeout on Blling Application host into file /etc/httpd/conf.d/
  4. Reload httpd on both Billing Application and Online Store host:

    #service httpd reload 

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