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The following error is displayed in CP upon editing a service user properties:

User with id 1010101 linked to mailbox 1010110 is not registered in APS

Odin Automation has been upgraded from 6.0.

The user is not available in APS context:

# curl -k -E /usr/local/pem/APS/certificates/poa.pem https://localhost:6308/aps/2/resources/?implementing\(\),


The service user was not created in APS context during APS2 accounts actualization procedure before the upgrade.


  1. Generate paCore application instance certificate with script. The following query can be used to determine paCore UUID:

    select uuid from aps_application_instances where app_id = (select app_id from aps_applications where name = 'PACore');

    Then the UUID from the SELECT should be passed to the script:

    # python 535ff1df-d2c1-4926-bc9e-f92a4bbe1197
  2. Download and run script on the Odin Automation Management Node.

    # python ./2286ea3e-465d-4871-8be7-4827c9cbbf35.pem

The script is supposed to create missing APS resources for all affected service users in the system.

In case of any errors, produced by the script, contact Odin Technical Support.

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