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Article ID: 131871, created on Dec 6, 2017, last review on Dec 12, 2017

This hotfix also requires

BA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131122 DOMAINGATE v2

OA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131265 CORE UI v2 

OA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131452 PUI v8

Fixed issues

  • PBA-83152 Empty descriptions of multilang promoted resource lead to empty order details if promotion is applied

Included from BA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131556 BILLING CORE v11

  • PBA-82412 Reseller's prices are shown to the end customer in CCP v2 instead of MSRP
  • PBA-82296 Billing role fails: script "" returns result code 1

Included from BA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131453 BILLING CORE v10

  • PBA-82217 Tiered prices cannot be set for high currency precision

Included from BA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131330 BILLING CORE v9

  • PBA-81790 Attempt to open the "Resource Category" tab in Sales Report results in error

  • PBA-81750 'Fraud check' document is generated in case of paying with valid token

Included from BA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131277 BILLING CORE v8

  • PBA-81590 "SubscriptionRestoreTerminated" API method error: "Cannot restore the Subscription xxx: Only the Terminated Subscriptions with the Service status Stopped can be restored"

Included from BA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131220 BILLING CORE v7

  • APS-42749 More user-friendly text of the error message is now displayed to a user in CCPv2 when he or she attempts to decrease a resource.

Included from BA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131214 BILLING CORE v6

  • APS-42418 Ability to Downsize Composite Resources in CCPv2

Included from BA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131152 BILLING CORE v5

  • POA-111983 The 'Billing registration info propagation' task blocks the upgrade from 6.0 to 7.2 within one maintenance window.
  • PBA-81266 Subscription Info Tile performance increase

Included from BA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131121 BILLING CORE v4

  • PBA-81075 The Home dashboard in CCP v2 loads slowly if there are many Cloud Infrastructure service plans in the system and the customer is subscribed to one of them.

Included from BA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131097 BILLING CORE v3

  • PBA-81027 Payment method of type Manual is absent in CCP v2

Included from BA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 131072 BILLING CORE v2

  • PBA-81000 Incorrect Document Type may be created in case of Delayed provisioning service with already closed invoice
  • PBA-81023 Home page loads too long in CCP v2

Included from BA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 130998 BILLING CORE v1

  • PBA-80773 Internal improvements of service plan delegation functionality
  • PBA-80906 Wrong flow on Status Pending in Sell Payment SDK
  • PBA-80306 Correctly configured discount may not be applied to billing orders
  • PBA-80339 Suboptimal tax calculation for email notifications causes delays and blocks other tasks

Included from BA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 130894 BM v1

  • PBA-80788 Reseller was billed twice (TopUp + ordinary payment) because topup payment processing was delayed
  • PBA-80660 Payments with manual payment system lead to incorrect evaluation of Outstanding Invoices in CCPv1
  • PBA-80640 Because of different discounts in resellers, deliver lines order cannot be provisioned
  • PBA-80639 Downgrade order cannot be processed in case billing order was processed before

Included from BA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 130891 BSS v1

  • PBA-80717 APS app custom screen is not displayed for delegated plans in the Marketplace

Included from OA 7.1.0 HOTFIX 130875 BILLING-CPP v1

  • APS-40896 Composite Resources in Biz.API should be supported


This hotfix can be downloaded from here.


Use oa-update KB111323 to install this hotfix. Also this hotfix will be installed automatically during upgrade to OA 7.1.0 via oa-update.

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