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  • Applies to:
  • Operations Automation 7.3

Table of Contents

Release Notes

You can read the complete Cloud Infrastructure 17.12 Release Notes here.

Dependencies and Pre-Requisites

Cloud Infrastructure module now has separate release cycles, this provides release independence from the platform and allows faster delivery of the Cloud Infrastructure module.

The Cloud Infrastructure application package requires:

  • Odin Automation Premium 7.3 or a later version

OACI Compatibility with Odin Automation Platform

Platform versionSupported OACI version

OACI Package Versioning

Format of the OACI package versioning: oaci-YY.MM-XXX


  • oaci – name of the module
  • YY – year of the module's release
  • MM – month of the module's release
  • XXX – number of the build (it can be major releases and hotfixes)

OACI will have major releases and hotfixes. The package name is similar in both cases.

Fixed Issues

  • CCU-17372 Backup rotation is broken if there are 100 or more failed scheduled backups.
  • CCU-17354 Unable to log in to Plesk if Plesk public IP is IPv6.
  • CCU-17350 remote_clone for Windows VM in Virtuozzo 6 cluster is broken.
  • CCU-17327 Virtual server's "cpu_power" is zeroed out after successful migration.
  • CCU-17319 Overusage of IP addresses occurs if the system property 'Prohibit duplicate DNS records' is enabled.
  • CCU-17188 There are no retries for 'PRL_ERR_TRY_AGAIN' vz return code.
  • CCU-17156 The Instance Manager crashes during subscription synchronization: a backup schedule could not be deleted.
  • CCU-17146 Second attempt of container creation from an image failed on VZ7 network storage.
  • CCU-17120 VE states and locations are not properly updated by OACI in case of HW node failover.
  • CCU-17070 After migration, a subscription can fail while gathering performance stats for a VM because UUID of Virtuozzo node was not changed yet.
  • CCU-16914 The list of Plesk installations cannot be loaded at all.
  • CCU-16903 Backups are shown in incorrect order in CCP.
  • CCU-16725 Editing and deleting HW tags do not work.
  • CCU-14015 There is no getter for property named 'vlanRef' in 'class'.
  • CCU-13592 VLAN advertisement improvements.
  • CCU-17184 The httpd service is disabled by default on Virtuozzo 7 node, therefore the web console is not working.
  • CCU-16623 Cannot create a VM with 512 MB of RAM and hot-plugging turned on.
  • CCU-17261 OACI VPS firewall rules do not filter the outgoing traffic.
  • CCU-17004 Add details about enabling bridge filtering during Virtuozzo 7 deployment.
  • CCU-16952 Server recreation fails when selecting the OS template based on other virtualization technology (VZ7 > VZ6) than it initially was.
  • CCU-10609 The list of supported systems is not specified in OACI documentation.

Important: This section provides the list of fixed issues. To obtain the detailed description of a fixed issue, you must read the corresponding section of the complete release notes. You can read the complete Cloud Infrastructure 17.12 Release Notes here.


The Cloud Infrastructure application package can be downloaded at


To install the Cloud Infrastructure application, do the following:

  1. On the management node, download the OACI package from

    # wget
  2. Unpack the OACI package:

    # unzip
  3. Enter the folder with installation files:

    # cd oaci-17.12-XXX
  4. Run the precheck script, which checks compatibility with platform and its version. It also checks whether the Cloud Infrastructure application is already installed and its version.

    # python
  5. Run the installation script.

    # python

As a result, the Cloud Infrastructure module will appear in the provider control panel > Infrastructure > Modules. For further instructions, refer to the Cloud Infrastructure Deployment Guide.

Upgrade Procedure

The upgrade procedure of the Cloud Infrastructure application is the same as the installation procedure described above (first five steps).

If the Cloud Infrastructure application is already installed in Odin Automation, then script will update it.

If the Cloud Infrastructure application is not installed in Odin Automation, then script will install it.

Help Resources

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